Bathroom Vanity Organizing

Booking Basics


For each vanity organizing session you can expect the following services:

  • Empty all bathroom shelves, vanity drawers, and underneath cabinets
  • Install shelf & drawer liners
  • Consolidate items by type 
  • Donate or dispose of duplicates, expired, and unwanted items
  • Organize toiletries by category into bins and drawer dividers
  • Put everything away in a clean and organized fashion
  • Label organizing bins for easy identification and maintenance
  • Estimated Time: Varies depending on size of bathroom, quantity of items, cleanliness, size of household and client involvement. On average, we have found vanities take two organizers half of one day.


  • Minimum of two professional organizers
  • Defining use of all available storage areas
  • Determining appropriate storage solutions for each space
  • Making product recommendations
  • Purchasing storage containers and shelving, as needed
  • Reviewing all items and sorting contents
  • Consolidating items by category
  • Organizing contents and setting up functional systems
  • Facilitating the donation and removal of unwanted items
  • Labels for easy identification (optional)

Real Examples of Our Organizing



1: a person or thing that organizes something – such as:

a: a person who arranges something, especially by systematic planning and by coordinating the efforts of others

// Samantha’s clothes and shoes had become clutter because they were piled in her closet… so she hired Caitlin, a professional organizer, to come sort, categorize, and arrange everything in a neat and tidy fashion for easy access.

b: something (such as a device or container) that is designed to keep objects or information in a particular arrangement or order

// Serena went to the Container Store to buy a drawer organizer with adjustable dividers to keep utensils separated by type.


Professional Organizers make your life easier!

Home organization services help get your house in order, whether you’re wanting a tidy space, downsizing or relocating.

The professional organizing team at Organized | AF makes sure that every item has a place, so you don’t waste any more time searching for things.

A clutter specialist can help you get rid of things that you no longer need or want to make room for more time with family doing the things that truly matter.

Hiring a professional organizer can also help you tackle projects that you’ve been putting off.

Household projects can be overwhelming whether it’s rearranging your kitchen cabinets or vanity organizing, or even just getting rid of stuff you don’t need, hiring the right home organizer for you means you can get started on these otherwise daunting tasks.

Professional organizing services are the difference between a cluttered home and one that’s neat, organized, and efficient.

Things just make sense.

Professional organizers are trained to identify what works for you and what doesn’t, so they can help you get your space in order quickly and affordably.

It can be tough to nail down local professional organizer pricing packages because the cost of hiring a house organizer varies widely depending on the location, service level and scope of work.

The cost of hiring O|AF varies based on the size of your project: how much work needs to be done, how long it will take, and how many organizers the project needs.

Typically, most jobs take between 5 – 50 hours, depending on how many rooms, and how much downsizing is needed. We can give you an estimate based on a few photos of your space.

The first step is to call or text us so we can chat about the scope, location, and timing of your project to determine if our organizing services are a good fit. We offer multiple packages and service levels, depending on your needs and budget. We travel nationwide so travel charges would be applied, too.

Some home organizing companies include cleaning as part of their packages, but at O|AF it isn’t our focus.

Our professional organizers are ready to make magic happen! We have advanced skills that shouldn’t be wasted on dishes in the sink or clearing trash. To maximize our time onsite, we’ll provide you with tips on how you can purge and stock your space efficiently before we arrive.

Some basic cleaning does happen as part of our standard processes. As part of our home organizing service, our professional organizers will empty shelves and drawers, clean out cabinets, and dispose of expired items. We’ll wipe shelves and drawers before installing protective liners and continuing with organizing. And we’re happy to run the vacuum or dust when it’s needed before putting things back… but just keep in mind that time spent cleaning means less time spent organizing.

We’ll use our expertise to decide the best way to organize your space and what kind of containers (or other tools) if any will be helpful in your specific situation.

Whether you need a new vanity shelf organizer or two, or an entire set of matching airtight containers for decanting, we can bring all the containers you want. But it’s all about your needs. As part of the initial home organizing consultation, we’ll review how many containers and organizing tools you already have that we can use versus how many you’ll need and your budget.

With Organized | AF you have the option to shop yourself, or we can purchase for you. We only charge for containers if you need them! If you don’t have any, we’ll help you get some. If you already have some but want more, we can help with that too. And if you don’t want any, we are fantastic at making things work and look beautiful without them!

Hiring a professional organizer will save you time and effort in the long run. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization in your home or office, hiring a professional organizer is a great investment. A professional organizer can help you create systems for keeping things clean and organized so that your space is easy to manage on a daily basis.

Just like you’re the expert in your own domain, Organized | AF is an expert home organization service. We’re trained to help you declutter your house with an end goal in mind: giving you back your home so you can live comfortably without too much stuff holding you back from enjoying your life and home. Plus professional organizers like us use proven systems to get results quickly and easily. This gives you long-term cost savings too! Knowing where things are makes them easier to use up and minimizes overbuying. We give you the framework to support long-term solutions like healthy purchasing habits and home organizational systems so that you don’t end up in a disorganized rut with junk drawers (the worst!) or multiple piles of clothing, again!

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