Are you diving into the world of short-term rental investment properties but feeling overwhelmed with where to start and are in need of services? Investing from out of state and don’t have any vendors in the Atlanta area? Look no further than Organized | AF. You deserve to work with specialists assisting investors and hosts like you in setting up and preparing your property for guests. Ensuring a five star experience like no other has never felt this good.

Organized | AF helps with interior design, themed interiors, staging and re-design, in-cabinet organization and purchasing. With years of experience running the interior on private yachts as well as 7+years in Interior Design, Organized | AF Owner, Caitlin, is the top candidate to deliver stunning spaces that perform. Create a short-term rental that looks gorgeous and performs, once and for all. 

Short-Term Rental Investment Property Services Bedroom Maximizing ROI for Investment Properties
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Maximize rental income

As all-round home experts, we stay on top of home trends to maximize guest experience and booking volume. We’re all about curated spaces for guests paired with functional in-cabinet organization for your maintenance crews. With us, you get to-the-trade products maintaining quality, while keeping that budget crucially in check. Themed properties, no matter what the size, are designed to appeal to the growing Atlanta film and music industry. It’s never too late to appeal to a niche clientele.

  • Refresh an Existing Property: Minimize downtime when giving your old property a makeover. We project manage installation and contractors so that your mini- or major- makeover is delivered within strict timelines. From exterior plantings, to interior redesign, we are here to freshen up tired spaces.
  • Single or Multiple Properties: Short Term Rental designs and organizational plans are replicable and can be used throughout your portfolio.
  • Where Function Meets Beauty: Spaces are designed to enhance guest experience on the front-end and, on the back-end, are highly functional for service crews to minimize housekeeping and maintenance expenses. 







  • Enhance property appeal for maximum guest satisfaction
  • Curate themed spaces throughout the property for a one-of-a-kind guest experience
  • Source and purchase the best to-the-trade or retail products to maximize your budget
  • Seamlessly integrate pre-existing and newly purchased furnishings, decor and dinnerware for cohesive look
  • Design inviting, functional space to ensure guest comfort
  • Prioritize guest comfort and convenience for an enjoyable stay
  • Implement curated organizing systems to enhance functionality and aesthetics
  • Optimize property visuals to attract more bookings with photography
  • Optimize space layout for efficient and effective utilization
  • Highlight property’s best features while minimizing flaws, showcasing unique architectural elements to captivate potential guests
  • Craft cozy atmosphere with strategic lighting, color and decor


  • Help with the decision process
  • Defining use of all areas
  • Determining appropriate solutions for each space
  • Making design and product recommendations
  • Reviewing and sorting contents
  • Facilitating the donation and removal of unwanted items
  • Consolidating items by category
  • Sourcing and purchasing 
  • Organizing contents and setting up functional systems
  • Labeling items for easy identification

REAL Examples of Our WORK

Join hundreds of investors and home owners who have already decided to take their property to the next level with Organized AF as their choice in short-term rental investment property services.



1: a range of specialized services, including interior design, staging, themed interiors, purchasing, project management, and in-cabinet organization, providing a comprehensive solution for property owners aiming to optimize their short-term rental investments.

// After purchasing her short-term rental property and getting everything ready to post online, Charlotte decided to hire Organized | AF, who offers short-term investment property services, to streamline operations and ensure that her property was attractive and guest-ready.


The most common thing we hear is, “I see an opportunity in a local market, but don’t have the time to execute. Can Organized | AF help?” Of course! But we also get the common questions below. If you want to talk about your space in more detail or ask additional questions, the quickest way to get in touch with us is to Call or Text us. We’d love to discuss your goals and needs!

Organized | AF  make your life easier!

Hiring a company for short-term rental investment property services ensures enhanced guest experiences, streamlined workflows, and efficient turnovers, ultimately leading to increased guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and higher ROI, particularly beneficial for out-of-state investors seeking quicker returns in a competitive market driven by increased demand for unique stays.

We offer services that create short-term rentals that look gorgeous and perform, once and for all.

Our services include:

  • Interior Design
  • Themed interiors
  • Staging
  • In-cabinet organization
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management

Some short-term rental investment property services companies offer cleaning or managing as part of their packages, but at O|AF it isn’t our focus.

Our seasoned professionals are ready to make magic happen! We have advanced skills that will get your property set-up and ready for guests to be satisfied. 


Hiring a company for short-term rental investment property services is undoubtedly worth it, given the numerous benefits such as enhanced guest experiences, streamlined workflows, quicker turnovers, and increased guest satisfaction, all contributing to higher ROI and the potential for positive reviews and repeat bookings, particularly beneficial for out-of-state investors seeking quicker returns and those dealing with outdated listings in a market driven by increased demand for unique stays.

What clients SAY

We go above and beyond to overcome obstacles in short-term rental investment property services, find solutions to every clutter problem, and deliver exceptional customer service. We are proud to be admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency. We always do the right thing — even when no one is watching — because clients rely on us to build solutions that work, and we take that seriously.

"I never thought my closets & bedroom could be organized AF. Kudos to Caitlin & her team for making the impossible, possible."
"My wife and I highly recommend and are truly grateful to them for the transformation they helped bring to our home. Worth every penny!"
"I cannot express how happy I feel being home now... You have made the biggest difference in how I feel and am so so grateful."
Marietta, GA
"Everything has its place and it all flows so easily from cooking to eating to cleaning up. I could not recommend Organized AF enough."

Control the chaos (Even your MIL will be impressed) 😉
It’s your feedback that helps us refine our craft and create spaces that truly make a difference in your lives. Keep them coming because together, we’re organizing the world, one happy client at a time! 💬💗
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This year, let’s embrace the power of seeking help! 🌟
Hiring a professional organizer isn’t just about tidying up—it’s about investing in your peace of mind and reclaiming your space and time.
Let us help you get a handle on your home (You’ll get the best of the best) 😌
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Imagine a world where every cleaning supply in your short-term rental is perfectly organized and always stocked 🌟—that’s the reality we create at O|AF!
We ensure your cleaners have everything they need for your guests to have a spotless stay, from neatly arranged detergents to easily accessible sponges. Enhance your rental’s appeal and guest satisfaction effortlessly. Ready to upgrade your rental experience?
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