Fridge Organizing Tips

Benefits of Fridge Organizing:

Maintaining an organized fridge saves time and money, reduces food waste, improves food safety, promotes healthy eating and reduces stress.

Organized Meat Section of Fridge

Organize tip: Categorize! Categorize! Categorize!

  1. For a Family’s Fridge, categorize by type:
    • dairy
    • fresh veg
    • fresh fruit
    • meat
    • condiments
    • drinks
    • leftovers
  2. For a Single’s Fridge, categorize by meals THEN type:
    1. meal 1: store pasta + the sauce + toppings
    2. meal 2: salad + chicken + tomatoes

Maintenance Fridge Organizing Tips

  1. Weekly: Do a weekly fridge clean out of all leftovers and expired food the night before your trash day. 
  2. Monthly: Cycle through food produce in your refrigerator and freezer as much as possible before going to the grocery store.

Fridge Maintenance is important so you actually eat all the food you’ve purchased before it expires or gets freezer burn. It also helps you take inventory of what you have and helps avoid over-purchasing or purchasing doubles.

To transform your fridge and kitchen from chaotic to a masterpiece of order, check out The Home Edit Fridge Labels at the Container Store.

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